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It's seriously really incredible how properly the leather straitjacket Psycho Doll is buckled into fits her. Squeezing her each and every curve with comfortable, nonetheless tight, unyielding leather.

It had been terrific to see Natlie Minx yet again, as 1 I do think will concur from this movie. Natlie has an amazing hourglass determine that fills out every single inch of your personalized black leather straitjacket laced up tight. She struggles sensually for us while bound and gagged in black leather.

For this week's video clip stuning Sylvia also get a tight flip inside of a Max Cita straitjacket, on the lookout diving the many while.

For this 7 days's video clip clip, attractive Lukovia is also buckled into a tight black leather straitjacket. A black leather panel gag hold her tranquil, and her fantastic legs, coated in shining purple tights, are retained spread apart with black leather ankle cuffs locked to some spreader bar.

This 7 days'd online video clip is cutie Krystal finding leathered up within the custom made purple and black leather straitjacket from Christopher. A black leather muzzle coach clamps her mouth closed, and her legs are certain with leather straps.

Super bondage babe Wenona gets her good, pantyhosed self straitjacketed quite tight. She's gagged with microfoam Source tape, and her incredible legs are hobbled with leather straps in a frogtie. Look at the awesomeness around in the Shell out Load space.

The movie clip this published here 7 days may be the Wonderful Bella Ink remaining bundled up from the white latex straitjacket, then having difficulties when ballgagged and ankle cuffed.

The slender and pretty Kajira Certain is back again For additional limited straitjacketing. This 7 days, It is really she inside of a Max Cita straitjacket, black disco jeans and some funky heels.

For this week's online video, little Shasta Ponder if bundled up during the red and black leather straitjacket. Her legs are sure along with leather straps, and he or she is gagged with purple ballgag.

Tremendous buxom babe Psycho Doll returns to receive her pretty self straitjacketed nice and restricted. A small Posey goes on above her grey leotard and shiny visite site hose.

Redhaired beauty Rebecca is again For additional bondage goodness! This time we feature her wonderful physique sure up with leather mittens, leather straps, and ballet splints. Begin to see the sensual effects above inside the Pay Load region.

Slender and attractive Aimee Manson will get buckled up in the compact Posey straitjacket in this 7 days's video clip. Then with layers of microfoam tape wrapped close to her mouth and her hosed legs frogtied with leather straps, she struggles heartily for our amusement. 09-02-16: Shasta Marvel and Wenona

I suppose it is the All-T's update teasing us this week with limited straitjacket bondage. To start with up, it's superb to obtain to view and operate Along with the Tremendous Tara Tied, who normally takes a tight straitjacket similar to a champ.

Then for online video this week, it's the ultra tasty Enchantress Sahrye in a good leather straitjacket, substantial ballgag, locked leather ankle cuffs, and many superb struggling.

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